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Art Intense is an independent art class designed for the absolute beginner. NO previous experience needed.

The drawing workshop is tailored to provide students with all the basic skills and techniques, to go on to draw with confidence in their own time - As in the words of Vincent Van Gogh “Drawing is the route of everything”

The workshop provides a relaxed atmosphere, where students will learn how to draw with professional advice and tuition. Each exercise is explained using step-by-step instructions which develops your understanding of the basic practices of drawing.

I provide students with the option to sign up for a one-off workshop where you will learn how to apply traditional skills and techniques - Without having to commit to an extended course laid out over a few months.

Unlike larger franchises the Art Intense workshops are limited to no more than 10 students. This ensures an intimate setting where nobody is too far away from my easel. Students will be able to hear, see and learn with no trouble caused by large numbers and big tables.

For the Art Intense drawing workshop, I will provide you with all the professional materials you need.

Including the following;

  • An A4 Artist Sketchbook

  • 4x Artist Grade Drawing Pencils 

  • 30cm/50cm Ruler and Sharpeners

  • Eraser, Putty Rubber & Blending Tools

  • A3 Smooth Cartridge Paper

  • A3 Adjustable Table Easels 

The sketchbook and pencils are for you to take home after the workshop - A gift from me to you, so you can continue to draw at home.

The 3-lesson Art Intense Drawing Workshop is £99 per person with NO hidden or extra costs.


The workshop is held in a private room at The Stonemasons Inn in Petworth, West Sussex. The location can be found on the map at the bottom of the page, or follow the link the venues website.

There is free parking to the front, and rear of the pub.

The bar will be open so hot/cold drinks can be purchased.

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The Art Intense drawing workshop takes place on a Thursday evening which means you can unwind from a busy day by learning to draw.


The workshop is split into 3 lessons which take place over 3 consecutive weeks. The lessons start at 6pm and finishes at 8.30/9pm. We have a short break during each lesson.

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My name is Briony and I am the creator, designer and tutor for Art Intense.

I am a professional artist who has exhibited, and sold work throughout the UK.

I have sold work overseas, and completed commissions for clients across the globe.

I run a successful online store where I sell prints and other merchandise that I design.

I am an acomplished art tutor, with many years experience holding classes for up to 25 students. 

I present lessons for the new beginner, and to the more advanced student. 

I am a very competent drawer and painter. I tutor the use of most drawing, and painting mediums. These include pencil, charcoal, soft pastels, oil pastels, pastel pencils, watercolour, acrylic and oils. 

Examples of my work and skill can be seen via the link below.

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Class 1

  • Introduction to Pencil

  • Mark Making Worksheet

  • Smudging & Blending

  • Understanding Hard, Soft and Lost edges

  • Shading and Tonal Exercise - 2D to 3D

  • Still Life Study 

Class 2

  • Pencil Warm-Up

  • Continuous Line Exercise

  • Upside Down Exercise

  • Introduction to Perspective 

  • 1-Point and 2-Point Fomal Perspective Guide

  • Atmospheric Perspective and Linear Perspective Piece

Class 3​​

  • Introduction To Portraits 

  • Basic Human Figure Proportions 

  • Facial Proportions/Mapping

  • Enlarging and Sighting Introduction

  • Final Drawing Compiling all Techniques


Andrea Dombrowe

"I have known Briony for about three years, teaching me on an art course.  She has an incredible ability to teach and explain all the procedures you will need to know. 
As I got confidence and improved she let me develop the style I loved and encouraged me to do more of what I felt I needed to do, giving me guidance and help when I needed it.
She is a lovely woman, has a great sense of humour and fun and we had many great conversations. 
I can highly recommend her as an artist."


For enquiries about me or the Art Intense workshops please get in touch today.
My mobile number and direct email are below. Alternatively please fill in the form so I can get back to you in due course.

The Stonemasons Inn,
North Street,
GU28 9NL

07562 623 848