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Briony has been tutoring both beginners and more advance students since 2014.
She has professional experience in most mediums and is able to provide tuition for pencil, oil/soft pastel, watercolour paint and pencils, and acrylic paint.
Briony strongly believes anyone can be taught to draw and paint despite what your previous experience is.
Like any subject drawing & painting can be approached in step-by-step instructions, and the more often you create the more confident you will become.

For improving students, the best approach to perfect your skills are by practise and repetition.
If you are interested in signing up for a workshop either as a beginner or as an improver please do get in contact.
Below you can see Briony's portfolio of workshop-based artworks in pencil, pastel, watercolour and acrylic.



From graphite to charcoal, from portraits to landscapes. A medium that tests observation with not much room for error.
The best starting point for any beginner, all pieces shown are curriculum work taught to students.

Pencils of choice - Palomino : Blackwing or Faber Castell 9000


Best choice for an introduction of colour before you use a brush. Colouring pencils can be a little more restrictive than pastels. Pastels will cover larger areas more easily, and depending on what pastels you choose will blend very well.
Briony's preference would be oil pastels due to their paint like texture but most pastel artist would opt for soft pastels which can be rubbed out much easier, and require less elbow grease when blending.
Most of the pieces shown are curriculum-based works taught to students.

Oil pastels of choice - Caran d'Ache Neopastel, Sennelier or Cray Pas Expressionist
Soft pastels of choice - Unison or Conte A Paris


When using watercolour paints there are a few rules which will make the process much easier to learn. In particular the materials you use do have an effect on the outcome. The paper you use is particularly important. Once you have your surface prepared watercolour can be very exciting due to its fluidity. Working light to dark can be one of the easiest rules of thumb for beginners to remember due to watercolour paint being transparent.
Below are examples of tutored pieces - A variety of techniques including wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry.

Watercolour paint of choice - Winsor & Newton Professional or St Petersburg White Night 
Watercolour brushes of choice - Rosemary & Co Golden Synthetic and Pro Arte Renaissance Mop


Acrylic is one of the most versatile mediums, and one of the most forgiving. Unlike watercolour, acrylic can be less daunting in terms of rectifying work. It is a great place to start if you want to get stuck in and have some fun. 
Below are many examples of finished pieces for the curriculum classes.

Acrylic paint of choice - Daler & Rowney Cryla, Golden Heavy Body or Sennelier Abstract
Acrylic brushes of choice - Daler & Rowney System 3 Synthetics and Pro Arte Series C Hogs Hair
Liquitex Painting/Palette Knives


For enquiries about Art Intense please contact Briony directly using the number and/or email below.

  Alternatively, you can fill in the form and Briony will get back to you as soon as possible.

07988 805 345

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