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Acrylic Painting Workshop

The Art Intense beginners’ acrylic painting workshop is made up of 5 individual lessons covering all the basic techniques for you to become a creative acrylic painter. Acrylic can be watered down like watercolour – In thin washes, or can be applied using no water to achieve a consistency more like oil paint. As a very forgiving medium it is a great paint to experiment with as a beginner to adapt your style and find your confidence.

You will receive printed handouts/worksheets for every lesson, and all materials are provided including tabletop easels, paints and brushes. You will be provided with high-quality professional photographs to work from, and watch live demonstrations.

During the 5 classes you will have lots of hands-on painting time to experiment with methods such as layering, impasto and glazing. You will look at traditional approaches as well as more contemporary styles. You will be introduced to a range of brushes and tools, and will learn basic paint mixing techniques which will provide you with palette knowledge. You will complete several finished pieces with guidance and professional feedback, including a full large size landscape painting!


  • Introduction to Acrylic Paint

  • Blending and Graduations

  • Thin vs Thick? Paint Application

  • Understanding How to Manage the Medium 

  • Looking at Reflections Using Glazing Techniques

  • 'Ocean Water' Final Piece


  • Introduction to Shades, Tones and Tints

  • Mixing Paint Examples & Worksheet

  • How to Make Black? How to Make Greens?

  •  Looking at Highlights and Shadows

  • Practising Blending Paint on the Page 

  • 'Pebble Pile' Final Piece


  • Introduction to Painting Knives

  • Impasto Techniques Worksheet

  • Paint Knife Demonstration 

  • Mark-Making and Texture Exercise

  • 'Impasto Succulent' Final Piece


  • Landscape Introduction

  • Understanding Composition & Layout

  • Professional Photograph Landscape Visuals 

  • Large Technique Worksheet

  • Trees, Foliage, Clouds & Flower Examples 

  • Learn about Dry Brush, Fan Brush & Sgraffito


  • All Lesson Paint Session

  • Large Landscape Final Piece!