Acrylic Workshop

Class 1

  • Introduction to Acrylic

  • Blending and Graduations

  • The Difference Between Brushes Explained

  • Understanding How to Manage the Medium

  • Reflections on Water 

  • 'Ocean Water' Final Piece

Class 2

  • Introduction to Shades, Tones and Tints

  • Mixing Paint Examples

  • How to Make Black? How to Make Greens?

  •  Looking at Highlights and Shadows

  • 'Tonal Pebbles' Final Piece

Class 3​​

  • Introduction to Painting Knives

  • Impasto Techniques Explained 

  • Mark-Making and Texture Exercise

  • 'Painting Knife Plant' Final Piece

Class 4

  • Landscape Introduction

  • Techniques and Tools

  • Trees, Bark, Foliage and Flower Examples

  • Large Sample Sheet Including Techniques such as

         Dry Brush, Fan Brush, Sponging, Knife and Sgraffito

Class 5

  • Large Landscape Final Piece!

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