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Evening venue - Good artificial light.

Blackheath Village Hall, Guildford

The Art Intense beginners’ intensive drawing & painting course is perfect for anyone who doesn’t know which medium they wish to try first. This comprehensive and exciting art course offers you the opportunity to work with both drawing & painting mediums including pencil, pastel, watercolour, watercolour pencils & acrylic.

The course takes place on a weekly basis for 15 weeks and is made up of all 5 Art Intense 5-week beginners’ courses. The course is only made up of beginners so you can learn and grow with the company of other like-minded students. Every single class includes hands-on drawing and painting time - Including projects such as 'Complementary Colour Pastel Still Life' & 'Watercolour Pencil Edvard Munch Study'. 

This is the ultimate art experience for any beginner students wanting to start out on their artistic journey! 

All materials and tools are included in the cost so there is no need to purchase anything in preparation for the course. This includes all papers and surfaces, all paints and brushes, pencils, pastels, rags, easels, boards, palette knives, tortillons……. The list goes on!

You will receive printed handouts/worksheets for every lesson so there is no need prepare anything for class. All you need to bring with you is your enthusiasm to get stuck in and start creating.

There will be large format colour visuals for each lesson and teaching aids, and students have the choice to work from still-life set pieces. There will also be example artworks in every class for students to use as reference and inspiration!

You will leave the Art Intense drawing & painting course with a sketchbook filled with experiments and sketches, and you will have up to 12 original pieces of artwork to start your portfolio.

After you complete the intensive beginners course you will possess all the skills needed to take on any one of the improvers classes offered by Art Intense. These will keep you in good stead to practise and hone your drawing & painting skills alongside a class you are familiar with and a tutor you know!

If you are interested in signing up for the 15-week all intensive beginner's course you can read the detailed curriculum below. Please do get in contact with Briony if you would like to receive a booking form.


For enquiries about Art Intense please contact Briony directly using the number and/or email below.

 Alternatively, you can fill in the form and Briony will get back to you as soon as possible.

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