Covid - 19

By signing up to an Art Intense workshop you are agreeing to follow the listed guidelines set out by Art Intense which follow government guidelines. 

Art Intense wants to provide students with a workshop that feels safe, but still enjoyable for everyone. 

There will be no change to the delivery of lessons or the curriculum. The only major difference is the seating layout and the non-sharing of materials.

Please note that any student signing up does so at their own risk and is expected to act in accordance to the current rules and regulations.


Please read the following Terms & Conditions carefully;


  • Students will sit socially distanced away from each other.


  • Students will have their own desk with their own equipment so there will be no need to share, or leave the desk to collect anything else.


  • All desks, surfaces and equipment will be disinfected before use, and collected up and sealed separately at the end of the lesson. This means each student will be using the same equipment every week and will avoid cross-contamination.


  • Students to remain at their desks at all times unless leaving to use the facilities or the kitchen/bar– At which point Art Intense cannot be held responsible for the Covid-19 guidelines set by the venue – This includes the toilets, bar and entrances.


  • All visuals including 2d and 3d items are disinfected before the lesson and afterwards


  • Hand gel will be provided on entrance to the classroom - This will need to be used by every student when returning, and leaving the class room every time.


  • Students are to leave all equipment on their desks at the end of the lesson and not leave the classroom with any materials supplied by Art Intense. 


  • Masks are to be worn when moving around the class - Including on arrival and when watching demos. By signing up to an Art Intense class you acknowledge that rules on masks are set by the government


  • Due to government requirements in hospitality/leisure venues students will be required to leave their details with the venue for track and trace.


  • If the venue were to close due to Covid-19 the workshop will be postponed and will resume once the venue is allowed to reopen.


  • Students are expected to stay at home if they are feeling unwell. Unfortunately, Art Intense cannot postpone classes or offer refunds if students are unable to make a class(s) due to illness.


  • In the event that a student tests positive they must let the tutor know as soon as possible. The tutor would then notify the other students and government protocol should be followed.


  • If the tutor and students are able to receive a negative result from a Covid-19 test before the next class the workshop will continue as normal.


  • If students are not prepared to get tested, they will forfeit the rest of the workshop and no refund will be given.


  • In the event that the tutor is feeling unwell students will be notified as soon as possible. The workshop will be postponed. Only after 2 weeks of no classes will a full or partial refund be given in the event of a cancelled/partially cancelled workshop due to the tutor’s health. This will be worked out by the following; Full amount of workshop divided into the number of classes. i.e. £99 for 3 class workshops = £33 per class, therefore if the tutor cancels 1 lesson students will receive a partial refund of £33. Same equation to be applied to 5 class workshops

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