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Drawing & Colour-Theory Workshop

The Art Intense beginners’ drawing and colour-theory workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to start to draw for the first time, or as a refresher for students who wish to revisit the fundamentals of drawing. You will get the opportunity to try your hand at both pencil and pastels in this varied and exciting course. Drawing with pencil will test your observation and a necessary building block for the use of all other medium. Pastels are a great medium to introduce colour before you pick up a brush.

You will receive printed handouts/worksheets for every lesson, and all materials are provided. There will be large format colour visuals for each lesson and teaching aids. You will also have the opportunity to work from a still-life set piece.In the 5 lessons you will learn how to get the best out of pencil with thorough explanation and demonstrations. You will also learn all the basics of the colour wheel and colour theory using oil pastels. You will experiment with mark making and shading techniques using both mediums. You will learn about light and shadow, and try your hand at drawing upside down! You will learn about perspective – Including both aerial/atmospheric perspective and formal perspective. You will study the human form, face and hands and be introduced to pastel painting techniques. You will also have at least 2 large size A3 artworks to take home and show your friends and family, alongside several worksheets and experiments done throughout the course!​


  • Introduction to Pencil

  • Mark Making Worksheet with Hatching & Stippling

  • Graphite Smudging & Blending

  • Understanding Hard, Soft and Lost edges

  • Tonal Shading Exercise - 2D to 3D

  • Greyscale Composition Still Life Study 


  • Pencil Warm-Up

  • Continuous Line Exercise

  • Upside Down Pencil Drawing Exercise

  • Introduction to Perspective with Famous Painting References

  • 1-Point & 2-Point Formal Perspective Guide

  • Atmospheric Perspective and Linear Perspective Piece


  • Introduction to Portraits 

  • Basic Human Figure Proportions 

  • Facial Proportions/Mapping

  • Enlarging and Grid Drawing Introduction

  • Monochromatic 'Mature Hands' A3 Final Piece 


  • Introduction to Pastel

  • Mark Making Worksheet including Feathering and Frottage 

  • Learn about Graduations to Create Tone & Form

  • Smudging & Blending Examples

  • Sgraffito Demonstration & Exercise 

  • Large 'Colourful Macaw' Final Piece


  • Introduction to Colour Theory

  • Famous Artwork References Including Van Gogh & Picasso

  • Blended Colour Wheel

  • Colour Harmonies Explained

  • 'Complementary Colour Veggies' Still Life Study