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The Art Intense improvers courses and workshops are perfect for students who have some experience with drawing and painting but are looking to further enhance their skills with practise, professional guidance, and the company of other improving artists. The classes are filled with students of mixed abilities. Including those who have only just completed a beginners course to students who have been learning for a number of courses. As Briony tutors all Art Intense beginner's and improver classes she is able to adapt her guidance to suit each students skill. Therefore, every students will receive personalised tuition and advice for their capabilities and all students will be able to attempt the project set.

The improvers courses are made up of 3-hour lessons that take place once a week at a particular location. Each term there is a new curriculum so students can return to the same class but not repeat any lessons. Each course covers a wide range of subjects which are intended to inspire and broaden your artistic knowledge and practice. The lessons covered include pencil drawing, watercolour, and acrylic - This will enable students to have sufficient time to understand how the medium works and complete several finished pieces of artwork with that medium before moving on to the next.

The one-off workshops concentrate on one subject and a complementing medium. Whether this be 'impasto acrylic palm trees' or 'willow charcoal woodland landscape' each workshop is a standalone lesson. Any of these classes can be attended by students who would consider themselves of a more intermediate or advanced level.

If you have attended an Art Intense beginners' course, you will have already been taught all the foundation skills used by Briony to create each 'improver' artwork piece. Students who have not attended an Art Intense beginners' course before but who would not consider themselves a 'beginner' are encouraged to join either a course or individual workshop if they are keen to improve their abilities in a creative environment.

In preparation for a class, either as part of a course or a one-off workshop -Students

will receive an email with a link that will provide you with all the relevant information

you will require ahead of the class. This includes a copy of the project artwork,

instruction sheet, and a selection of reference photos - Including the exact one 

used by Briony. You are encouraged to bring a copy of an image and/or a copy of the

sheet with you - Either printed out or downloaded onto your tablet/phone etc.

The link will also provide a detailed list of materials such as paints & brushes, and the

size & type of support Briony used so all students will have the time to arrange their

own equipment.

At the start of each class Briony will have her finished artwork on display for students to study and use as a reference, or inspiration if needed. She will then talk through the project and explain the choice of subject and the artwork objectives. This will be followed by a comprehensive 30-40 min live demonstration that covers all the techniques and tips students will need to know to attempt the artwork themselves. During this time students will be able to take notes and ask questions while Briony works. After the live demo she will then be available to offer personalised advice and tuition to each student individually.

Unlike a franchise where classes can total 30+ students, and can include beginners working alongside, the Art Intense classes are capped at 16 students. All of which are ‘improver’ students that will be taking on the same project to insure only one lesson is being taught and to better allow time for 1-on-1 evaluations.


Every improving artist who wants to sign up for an improvers course or workshop

is encouraged to practice at home as well as in the class as this is vital for the natural

growth of creativity and skill. Therefore, students have usually started to accumulate

their own art supplies and equipment. Many students do not finish the work in class

and instead complete the work in their own time. As many brands offer different

versions of pigments and quality it is never beneficial to start a piece of artwork with

different materials to ones you have at home. Therefore, students are required to

bring their own equipment to class such as brushes, mediums, supports, water jars,

& palettes.  Art Intense will provide basic art materials such as tape, drawing boards,

tabletop easels, and some drawing tools.

For upcoming dates and locations please see the options below or do send an enquiry.

Blackheath Art Intense Layout .jpg

Guildford venue -

Blackheath Village Hall



painting demo

To see examples of previous class projects and students artworks please see below

Final Artwork.jpg

Acrylic Paint

No landscape or horizon line. The aim of this composition is to accentuate large format
clouds. Streaking light and lost edges will be the techniques to achieve the wispiness needed.

Final Artwork.jpg

Acrylic Paint

Smooth vs textured application of paint. Looking for a good contrast from the smooth metal of the scooter, to the gritty look of a side street. Palette knife might be a good choice!


Watercolour Paint

For a contrast from a full edge to edge watercolour this will concentrate on a central floating composition. Emphasis on details and wet-on-dry layers. Aiming for semi-realistic outcome.

Bri Final Artwork.jpg

Watercolour Paint

A painting I have personally been excited to try for a while. Experimenting with washes to create a hazy colourful night sky. Maybe some scratching out to encourage highlights right at the end.


For enquiries about Art Intense please contact Briony directly using the number and/or email below.

 Alternatively, you can fill in the form and Briony will get back to you as soon as possible.

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