The Art Intense improvers courses and workshops are perfect for students who have some experience with drawing and painting but are looking to further perfect their skills with practise, professional guidance, and the company of other improving artists.

The improvers courses offer as number of 3-hour lessons that take place once a week at a particular location. Each course covers a wide range of subjects which are intended to inspire and broaden your artistic knowlege and practice. You will likely complete 5 lessons for each medium, including drawing, water and acrylic - This will enable students to have sufficent time to understand how the medium works and complete serveral finished pieces of artwork, before moving on to the next.

The one-off workshops concentrate on one subject and a complementing medium. Whether this be 'impasto acrylic palm trees' or 'willow charcoal woodland landscape' each workshop is a standalone lesson. Any of these classes can be attended by students who would consider themselves of a more intermediate or advanced level.

If you have attended Art Intense beginners' courses, you will have already been taught all the foundation skills used by Briony to create each workshop artwork piece. Students who have not attended an Art Intense course before but would not consider themselves 'beginners' are encouraged to join either a course or individual workshop if they are keen to improve their abilities in a creative environment.


In preparation for each lesson students will receive an email with a link that will provide everyone with a copy of the workshop artwork and the resources used by Briony. You are encouraged to bring a copy of the image with you - Either printed out or a digital copy on your tablet/phone etc. The link will also provide an introduction the medium and recommendation of what to bring with you. There will also be a detailed list of materials such as paints & brushes, and the size & type of support Briony used included so all students will have the time to arrange their own equipment.

At the start of each lesson Briony will have already completed a finished piece of work for students to study and use as a reference or inspiration if needed. She will then talk through the project and explain the choice of subject and the artwork objectives. This will be followed by a live demonstration that covers all the techniques and tips students will need to know to attempt the artwork themselves. During this time students will be able to take notes and ask questions while Briony works. After the live demo she will then be available to offer personalised advice and tuition to each student individually. The Art Intense workshops are capped as a smaller number of students which ensures there is plenty of time for 1-on-1 evaluations and attention.


 Every improving artist who wants to sign up for an improvers course is encouraged to practice at home as well as in the class as this is vital for the natural growth of creativity and skill - Therefore students have usually started to accumulate their own art supplies. Many students do not finish the work in class and instead complete the work in their own time. As many brands offer different versions of pigments and mediums it is never beneficial to start a piece of artwork with different materials to ones you have at home. Therefore, students are required to bring their own equipment to class such as brushes, paints, and pastels.

Art Intense will however provide basic art materials such as rags, water, jars, tape, tabletop easels, and some drawing tools.

For upcoming dates and locations please see the options below or do send an enquiry

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For enquiries about the Art Intense please contact Briony  directly using the number and/or email  below.

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