Online Workshops

Beginners Drawing Course

The Art Intense online Beginners Drawing Workshop consists of 3 one-on-one 2-hour lessons where I will provide you with live demonstrations and personal guidance, live from my studio using my HD streaming webcam via Google Meets. The course can therefore be enjoyed from the comfort and safety of your own home via your laptop/desktop computer or tablet device.

The course will introduce you to the basics of pencil drawing & sketching with professional advice and tuition. The 3 individual lessons will cover topics such as mark-making, perspective, portraits, sighting, grid-drawings and much more, including further projects for you to continue with in your own time. 

Exercises will be explained using easy to follow step-by-step instructions which will develop your understanding of traditional skills and techniques. You will have a full and flat view of my easel as I work for ease of learning, and I will provide interactive visuals to reference famous drawings and paintings!
As the course is 1-on-1 you will have all the time to ask questions and advice with no pressure from group learning, and as the only student you will benefit from clearer digital view that’s not crowded by multiple participants. With no set times and days, the Art Intense Online Drawing Course can be tailored to suit you and your daily/weekly routine. With many flexible options you will be able to decide if you would rather learn how to draw in 3 consecutive weeks or days, twice a week etc. 

The whole online beginners drawing course costs just 79.99! This includes the 3 2-hour live lessons, 1-on-1 private tuition, and all links provided to resources and visuals!
All you will need to take on the course is a device capable of video calling (smartphone not recommended) and a few basic drawing supplies (pencils, sketchbook, rubber, ruler, sharpener) You will also need a printer to print out the course worksheets and visuals (monochrome)

Alternatively, I am able to provide a full starter drawing pack including all equipment and materials needed for the whole course - Including all printed worksheets and HD visuals so you wouldn’t need to leave your home to purchase anything!

The drawing pack which can be sent to you directly in preparation for your first lesson would include the following;

•    Set of 4x artist grade sketching pencils
•    Artist grade eraser
•    Artist putty rubber
•    A4 cartridge paper sketchbook
•    Pencil sharpener
•    30cm ruler
•    All worksheets printed
•    All high-quality printed visuals

The full Art Intense Online Drawing Course and Starters Drawing Pack sent directly to you home comes to just 99.99

I currently have availability for evenings and some weekday afternoons. Please do get in contact if you are interested in signing up for the course or had any questions.

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"I recently attended the six-hour beginners drawing lessons with Briony, that was two hours per day for three days with gaps in between.

Briony sent me the materials I would need which was really helpful as I have some but she knew exactly what I needed. The lessons were very well-planned and organised, the internet linking was clear and prevented any hindrance to observing the techniques and listening to Briony‘s instructions and guidance.

Briony‘s instruction was great! The curriculum worked well, and talking through all different aspects of how we were working despite being online felt very hands-on.

Briony‘s manner is warm & encouraging. Her guidance and good feedback really helped.

We progressed through a number of core themes experimenting as we went. There was an excellent balance of instruction, practice and a little bit of art history which was relevant to the work we were doing.

Overall, this was a thoroughly enjoyable program and I would recommend Art Intense to anyone who is beginning drawing, or trying to pick up if they just have all the bit on their own. Briony’s manner and method of teaching are very easily taken on board, warm and encouraging - As I’ve already said. Briony will definitely help you make steps forward.

I am hoping to pick up on further developments in drawing and painting. If these are online, I have no doubt they will be excellent! Face-to-face I’m sure will be great as well. Thanks Briony very much enjoyed this" Brian Ball - Petworth