Impasto Vespa in Acrylic

Join me to get to grips with smooth vs textured application of paint. We are looking for a good contrast from the clean metal of the scooter, to the gritty look of a side street. Starting with washes we create a hazy look of window reflections followed by scraping & sgraffito techniques with the palette knife for the ultimate textured background! Finally, we work with synthetic brushes to create the look of smooth paint, & shiny chrome!


A great way to ease into art tuition & find your feet with thorough instruction & advice directly from a professional artist. All projects can be attempted by students of any level from the comfort of their own home.

All projects have been previously tutored in classes in front of students so each demo has been carefully constructed around experience and incorporates questions already asked so you are assured thorough & concise instruction!

After purchasing you will receive, I link where you can download everything you need to get started straight away. What are you waiting for?

Impasto Vespa in Acrylic

    • High-res digital copy of my final 'Impasto Vespa' artwork
    • 50min+ comprehensive video demonstration of me showing you all the techniques and instruction needed to complete the artwork at home - From start to finish
    • High quality digital copy of the exact reference photo I used for the project
    • Several digital photographs of my 'working stages', including a line drawing template for you to use
    • A list of the exact materials I used for the project including paints, brushes, & what size & support I used
    • A thorough & detailed instruction sheet which I have written for you to follow and refer too with ease