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Wokingham MORNING 14-week drawing & painting course. Starts Sept 6th, 2024!




A perfect class for anyone who is looking to improve their drawing & painting ability alongside other practising artists in a friendly & sociable setting.

This brand-new curriculum will feature a variety of subject matters and approaches so there’s always something for everyone.

We will cover several mediums, including pencil, oil pastels, acrylic & watercolour. We will take on both traditional and contemporary projects  such as a John Minton inspired impasto work in oil pastel and 'The Snow Leopard' in mixed-media acrylic & gouache.


At the start of each project, I will present a thorough live demonstration where you can ask questions in real time and understand the techniques and approaches I used to complete the artwork. As each class is 3 hours long, you will always have sufficient time to start your piece of work while I am on hand to offer 1-on-1 feedback & advice to all students. As all my curriculums are created & tutored by me you are guaranteed to learn directly from the person who designed the projects. As I tutor both beginner & improver students, I can tailor advice to everyone no matter what their experience but the course will be more challenging for complete beginners.

If you’ve ever been disappointed with an art class because there was a lack of guidance and a ‘turn up and paint’ attitude, then Art Intense could be the answer!


After purchasing a place on the course, you will receive a copy of the full curriculum. There will also be a document outlining all the details of what to expect from Art Intense.

You will receive a digital link via email 2 weeks before the course begins, which you will need to access throughout the course. For each new project, there will be resources, instructions, references, a materials list, and step-by-step photographs of my artwork, including my final piece.

Plus, something extra for 2024 is access to the demonstration video taken while in class for anyone who couldn’t see it live on the day.


Anything students want to use can be printed/downloaded (apart from the video) from the link in preparation for the class. The link is also a great way for students to stay connected to the class and have all the necessary resources needed to attempt the artwork at home if they are unable to come.

To encourage work productivity outside the class, there will be an option to join our Art Intense class WhatsApp group where you can share your progress and see examples of other students' work.

Wokingham MORNING 14-week drawing & painting course. Starts Sept 6th, 2024!

    • Fully bespoke art curriculum covering a variety of mediums and techniques.
    • Access to a live link where instructions, references, resources, & photographic examples of the project are uploaded so all students can feel prepared for what’s to come each week.
    • Also, new for 2024 are recorded demo videos made available to everyone enrolled to ensure you never miss out on tuition.
    • An option to join our class WhatsApp group to share ideas and progress with fellow students. A great way to stay inspired and motivated outside the class!
    • Custom art boards & table top easels for every student to use.
    • 30-40min live demonstration for every project – I like to present an art class not a painting group.
    • Professional feedback & advice direct from the artist who wrote the curriculum & created the artwork projects.
    • All the hot drinks & biscuits you could want!
    • Free parking.
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