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Watercolour & Watercolour Pencil

The Art Intense beginners’ watercolour and watercolour pencil course is ideal if you have always wanted to try your hand at the traditional medium but have never known where to start. Watercolour can often be a frustrating medium to a beginner due to its unpredictability - This course will teach you how to control the medium with live demonstrations and professional guidance.

You will receive handouts/worksheets for every lesson, and all materials are provided for each student. You will have the choice to work from both still life and high-quality professional photographs. There will also be example artworks for students to use as reference and inspiration!

During the 5 classes you will experiment with classic watercolour techniques such as wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, layering and glazing. You will be introduced to various materials which can help you establish a new dimension to your watercolour painting style. You will complete 5 individual watercolour paintings including a whole lesson dedicated to watercolour pencils. This will provide you with all the techniques to use both mediums confidently and create a mixed media "Poppy Seed Head" artwork to take home!

Class 1

  • Introduction to watercolour 

  • Understanding wash techniques

  • Glazing, splattering, and fine liner examples

  • Hard edges vs soft edges

  • Monotonal wash exercise - Light to dark

  •  Layered "Gemstone Slice" final piece

Class 2

  • Brushes and materials explained

  • Brush control exercise

  • Underdrawings with water soluble pencil

  • Negative space exercise 

  • Lets use black!

  • 'Puzzle Leaves' Final Piece

Class 3

  • Basic shape animal drawings 

  • Understanding geometric shapes

  • Underdrawings and reserving space

  • Fur and fine details examples 

  • Live watercolour painting demonstration

  • 'Bright Eyed Cat' final piece

Class 4

  • Further techniques examples 

  • Salt textures, making fluid and cling-film exercises

  • Line and wash

  • Creating texture and lifting out

  • Still life study

  • Mixed media 'Poppy Seed Head' final piece

Class 5

  • Introduction to watercolour pencils

  • Wash samplers - Including wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry

  • Sandpaper texture - Snow effect

  • Mixing colour and taking pigment straight from the pencil

  • Edvard Munch watercolour pencil study

  • Understanding the benefits of adding details with pencils

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